Would you like to put in a few hours a week to help us strengthen our mission at Esperanza Shelter? That’s all it takes to truly make a difference.

Most of us know someone who has suffered at the hands of an abuser. The physical and emotional damage an abuser does to his victim is serious, sometimes life-threatening, and typically leaves the victim traumatized for a long time. At Esperanza, we work hard to help the survivors of abuse take back control of their lives and look forward to a life of peace and independence.

We provide survivors with a newfound camaraderie at Esperanza Shelter. Both our staff and volunteers work together to help hundreds of people who use our services every year. As a volunteer, you will be a valued part of our team. Join us today and lend a hand to help protect and change the lives of survivors of domestic abuse.



      • We currently do not have volunteer opportunities available at this time, please check back at a later date. 


  • Esperanza Shelter’s Board of Directors

    Our Board of Directors spends a great deal of time every year leading Esperanza on a path to success. With subcommittees focused on finance, development and stewardship, policy, and human resources, the Board shares their personal experience and expertise with our staff to guarantee that Esperanza’s future is bright and secure.

      • We currently do not have board of director opportunities available at this time, please check back at a later date.