Would you like to put in a few hours a week helping us strengthen our mission at Esperanza Shelter? That’s all it takes to truly make a difference.

Most of us know someone who has suffered at the hands of an abuser. The physical and emotional damage an abuser does to his victim is serious, sometimes life threatening and typically leaves the victim traumatized for a long time. At Esperanza, we work hard to help the survivors of abuse take back control of their lives and look forward to a life of peace and independence.

We provide survivors with a newfound camaraderie at Esperanza Shelter. Both our staff and volunteers work together to help hundreds of people who use our services every year. As a volunteer, you will be a valued part of our team. Join us today and lend a hand to help protect and change the lives of survivors of domestic abuse. (Please note that as a requirement of our major funder, the state agency CYFD, you will be asked to complete a background check and an extensive orientation.)


  • Accept and sort donations of clothing and household goods
  • Train to be a substitute for our receptionist
  • Be a special events volunteer
  • Represent Esperanza Shelter at “tabling” events in the community
  • Answer the Hotline number at our Shelter
  • Help babysit on Monday or Wednesday evenings at our Support Center
  • Help babysit at the Shelter (regularly scheduled times and “on-call” positions)
  • Volunteer to create and manage your own original fundraising idea
  • Maybe you have a special skill to volunteer?

Questions about volunteering?

Call the volunteer coordinator, at 505-474-5536, Monday-Friday.

Esperanza Shelter’s Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors spends a great deal of time every year leading Esperanza on a path to success. With subcommittees focused on finance, fundraising, policy and human resources, the Board shares their personal experience and expertise with our staff to guarantee that Esperanza’s future is bright and secure.

Interested in becoming an Esperanza Board Member? Contact Board President Marcos Zubia, who also serves as the Board Development Chair. He can be reached at: Marcos.Zubia@firstcitizens.com or (505) 690-3633.

Why I Volunteer . . .

Nelda Bell volunteers at Esperanza every Monday—all day. Stop by the Support Center and you can find Nelda cheerfully answering phones, greeting visitors, and accepting donations. We don’t know what we’d do without her!

She looks sweet and innocent, but Nelda has a quick wit that often surprises our staff. She shares her favorite books with us and, during the rare time that the phones are not ringing and it’s quiet, Nelda can be found knitting or crocheting a little gift for someone right at the front desk.

Nelda has truly become a member of the Esperanza family and she says she enjoys volunteering here and even the discipline it requires to get up every Monday morning and head to Esperanza. We all appreciate her reliability, hard work and delightful personality. Nelda: What would we do without you?