Shelter Renovation Project

Esperanza’s emergency shelter was gifted to the agency in the 1980s and is the heart and soul of the organization and services we provide. Over the last three years, our leadership team has made our shelter top priority with significant measures taken to upgrade security, recruit, hire and train new staff, provide ongoing professional development, increase facility maintenance and complete the installation of our children’s playground. The next phase of capital improvements to the shelter is a full repair of the building stucco, installation of double pane windows, landscaping, and updated ADA-compliant bathrooms.

The capital improvements will contribute to our overall mission of providing a safe, clean, and structurally sound shelter for our clients. As COVID restrictions allow our clients to re-enter our emergency shelter, these capital improvements will welcome them back and provide a safe, fresh start. In turn, these improvements will assist our agency in eliminating high utility costs and provide energy efficiency in our shelter.

We need your help in raising $60k today! Every dollar you donate will be matched by the Lineberry Foundation up to $30k. You can help raise a total of $60k this spring for much-needed and overdue emergency shelter renovations.

Please check in as we update photos and our progress of the project on a monthly basis.

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Current photos of the bathroom, exterior building, and landscaping

Chris and Eliott of KOA Landscaping LLC completed phase one of the irrigation line installation. 


Rendering of Proposed Landscaping –

Phase One of Hope & Play Garden