What Is the Support Center? The Support Center houses our administrative offices. It is also the place where our intake coordinator, non-residential counselors and court advocates have offices.

Our Support Center is located at 3130 Rufina Street in Santa Fe, NM.

The Support Center’s phone number is 505-474-5536.

What Is a Non-Residential Client? You are a non-residential client if you are receiving services from Esperanza Shelter but you are not living in our shelter. Maybe you did live in our shelter and now you are continuing your counseling after leaving. Or perhaps you are living on your own and realize you need counseling to help you overcome the abuse you’ve experienced.

After I Call the Support Center, What Next? If you call our Support Center as a new non-residential client, you’ll first be referred to our intake coordinator. This person will help you figure out which program is right for you and arrange an appointment with a counselor and/or court advocate.