What Is a Safety Plan? Call us. We can help you make a safety plan to try to keep you safe while you are still living with your abuser. We will help you make a safety plan for you (and your children) so you can leave your abuser. We’ll help you get to our shelter. And, we will help you make a safety plan for after you’ve left your abuser. For more information on safety planning and some of the things you should gather before you leave your abuser, see below.


Once you’ve decided to leave an abusive relationship, you should prepare carefully. Talk to one of Esperanza’s domestic abuse advocates to make a SAFETY PLAN. (Esperanza Shelter’s 24/7 Crisis Hotline: 505-473-5200 or 800-473-5220.)

LEAVING AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP CAN BE DANGEROUS. So think ahead and begin by gathering the following information—and store it in a secret place.

  • A written list of important phone numbers—don’t count on having your cell phone handy
  • Birth certificates for you and your children
  • Drivers’ license and Social Security cards
  • Keys
  • School records
  • Medical records
  • Passports
  • Green cards
  • Work permits
  • Bank papers
  • Credit cards
  • Medicines for you and/or your children
  • Set aside money, if possible, and save it in a secure place

Remember that your cell phone and computer might be monitored by your abuser. Think about using a safer computer at a friend’s house or the public library if you’re research is about your escape. Try to get a prepaid cell phone to use in emergencies.