Marcos Zubia and his wife, Donna Sanchez-Zubia are raising the sunshine of their lives—little three-year-old Dominic.  A bright, adorable, little feisty guy, Dominic is living the sort of life we all dream about giving our children.  Dominic has a loving, stable home with opportunities to learn and play with his toys and to be heard when he has something to say.  Dominic, luckily, doesn’t have any idea that life could be lived any other way.  But his parents know better.

As Esperanza volunteers, Marcos and Donna have put in hundreds of hours helping to keep our mission alive and well.  They’ve raised money for Esperanza, organized events, grilled hotdogs and given speeches.  Marcos has served on the Esperanza Board for five years and was recently voted president.

Marcos and Donna have embraced the Esperanza mission because of a promise he and Donna made to each other:

They would never ever allow any abuse to creep into their relationship or the lives of their children. 

Both Donna and Marcos know the pain and trauma of domestic abuse.  Their childhoods included an unhealthy dose of it.  But they are committed to turning their pain into positive action.  So, they keep volunteering their time knowing they are making a big difference in the lives of our survivors.  And little Dominic keeps rolling his yellow and red trucks across the family room floor.  Best of all he snuggles in with his parents every night for a bedtime story—because that is how life should be for a preschooler.