Julie Soucek has always believed it is important to volunteer in the community.  She worked with wildlife in Marin, CA, helping to rehabilitate and release animals including bobcats, raptors and owls.  “I once held a golden eagle for three hours,” says Soucek proudly.   “They were working on its feet.”

That kind of commitment and tenacity make a terrific volunteer.  Today, Esperanza Shelter is lucky to have Soucek volunteering for the agency—while also contracting for her services as a tech consultant.  Soucek is the founder of JulsTech.Net, which provides a broad array of technical services to both the IT savvy and the rest of us.

Soucek was working for former Esperanza Board president Shelly Koffler, who invited her to volunteer at the agency; she was quick to say “yes” and began volunteering in 2016. Esperanza eventually realized it needed help managing the technical side of the agency, and it made sense to hire the experienced and knowledgeable Soucek.  She confidently tackles both software, hardware and other technical challenges.  Soucek decided to continue donating four hours of service to the agency every week and she has volunteered thousands of hours since she started.

“I want to give something back to this community,” says Soucek.  “That’s who I am and who I want to be.”

With 35 years in technology and an extensive résumé that includes working for George Lucas, Soucek has a surprising ability to communicate with everyone.  JulsTech.Net serves small businesses and residential clients, but Soucek’s heart lies with nonprofit organizations in town.  She says she is “amazed” by the wide variety of altruistic work being done in Santa Fe.  “Technically I can bring a lot of organization even to the most grass-roots nonprofits,” she says.  Soucek likes to bring computer literacy to everyone—especially women.  “Women need to learn to be computer literate because it fosters independence,” she adds.

An animal lover, Soucek is the proud owner of three dogs, a cat, 13 chickens, two ducks, a rooster and three aquariums.  She is also mom to two grown sons and an avid gardener who relishes the challenges of the Northern New Mexico environment.  Esperanza is very grateful that this diverse woman has embraced the work we do over the last few years.  Executive Director Anji Estrellas says, “We consider her part of our team, working in support of our mission.  With Julie’s expertise and generosity, we have made significant strides in improving the technology at the agency.”