Esperanza Shelter recently partnered with WellBefore, a company based out of Dallas Texas, for PPE supplies. WellBefore was created during the pandemic due to the shortage of essential PPE, fake or counterfeit masks, and price gouging that was taking place across the country.

As a family business, it was important for Sohail, Javier and Shaz to come together to combine their resources, connections and a decade’s worth of experience in overseas manufacturing to bring more PPE to the United States at competitive prices.

They take great pride in putting their customers first by being honest and transparent with what they are selling. To put it simply, their motivation is to save lives. Over the course of the last year, they have supported several hospitals and community non-profit organizations across the country.

WellBefore’s generous support assisted Esperanza at a time when PPE supplies skyrocketed and our agency was in desperate need of supplies at a reasonable price. They provided us with a deep-discount of $5,000 – this allowed our agency to purchase a large amount of supplies to continue to keep our clients and staff safe as we return to shelter and in-person services.

COVID related costs continue to be a focus in our fundraising efforts.  With partnerships like WellBefore that provide us with financial relief, Esperanza Shelter can continue to overcome the pandemic induced challenges that we face on a daily basis. Their intention of saving lives holds true to their core and we are thankful for their support of our mission.