As a child, Alden Markby remembers his single mother struggling to make ends meet. When it came to cars, she could only afford those auctioned off for a few hundred dollars.

“These cars were not reliable and my mother would have to purchase another unreliable vehicle every couple of years to get us by,” said Markby.

And the local mechanics who worked on these cars didn’t always provide good, honest service, which meant his mom didn’t have reliable and safe transportation.

His experience as a child inspired him to start a business that would help his customers feel valued, respected, and confident that they had reliable and safe cars for the long term. With that in mind, in 2011 he opened Meticulous Motors of Santa Fe, a mobile business where he would go to his customer’s locations to fix their vehicle. The mobile business specializes in foreign vehicles.

Alden’s childhood experience also inspired him to give back to the community. One way he does this is through his commitment to educating his customers about the services they need to have a long-lasting vehicle.  And he helps them develop a vehicle budget that is affordable and meets their needs. He takes pride in knowing that his customers trust that all his work is done with care.

Another way he gives back is by helping Esperanza Shelter. Recently, a customer brought in a 2006 Hyundai Accent to his shop that they wanted to get rid of. Alden asked her if she would be willing to donate the car to a local non-profit, he would provide maintenance and service for a full year. He approached Esperanza with this idea, and it was a perfect fit: the staff knew of a specific client who needed a vehicle as she was transitioning out of emergency shelter.

The total donations to his project were roughly $5,000: $2,000 in cash donations from Alden’s customers combined with $3,000 of in-kind donations from Alden: his time, repair, and parts.  He is committed to donating at least one vehicle including maintenance and repair every year.

“We are so very thankful for Alden and his generous customers who contributed to this project,” said Anji Estrellas, Executive Director. “Esperanza depends on the generosity of people like Alden to help hundreds of domestic abuse victims every year.”  Today, Alden’s new shop is thriving after being shut down because of the pandemic. And he has a 17-year-old apprentice whom he hopes will not only learn to take care of cars, but customers as well.

“I really want to teach Alejandro the core values of being a good mechanic,” said Alden. “And the core values of caring for our customers and giving back to the community.”

We certainly appreciate having a partner like Alden – a true mechanic with a big heart!


Meticulous Motors is located at

2922 Rufina Ct

Santa Fe NM 87507