Jorge Fonseca, Director of Finance and Operations, has been working for Esperanza Shelter for 5+ years. Jorge recently signed up for the Santa Fe Century bike ride, which is a 100-mile tour taking place on Sunday, October 10, 2021. He has made it a personal goal to complete this bike ride to raise money and awareness for Esperanza Shelter.

Jorge’s ambition to complete the entire track to support Esperanza during domestic violence awareness month is quite astonishing and very much appreciated. Jorge hopes to raise $10,000 and asks for your support of his ride by donating today.

Please consider donating in Jorge’s honor as follows:

 .10/mile = $10.00

.25/mile = $25.00

.50/mile = $50.00

.75/mile = $75.00

$1.00/mile = $100.00

$5.00/mile = $500.00

$10.00/mile = $1,000

$20.00/mile = $2,000

$50.00/mile = $5,000

$100.00/mile = $10,000

To honor Jorge, please click here.