Mission Statement

“To increase the awareness of the effects of domestic violence among men, women and children of all ages, and to be proactive in the community advocating for the prevention of violence.

Join Esperanza Shelter’s 100 Men Campaign and help to create a world where men and boys stand with women and girls to stop gender-based violence.

Domestic Violence is not just a “women’s problem.”  Abuse is a societal problem, often passed on through generations, families, cultures and historical genocide.  Joining The 100 Men Campaign is a commitment to the promotion of healthy, respectful relationships and to ending disrespect, violence and the abuse of women and girls.

We believe we need to reshape the idea of “manhood.”  In a world where violence is typically considered great entertainment and women are often considered second-class citizens or sexual objects, what kind of messages are we giving to young people?  How can we change the way we view women and relationships?  How can we make a difference?

The 100 Men Campaign group will be led by Esperanza Shelter’s Residential Services Operations Manager, Troy Campbell, MSW.   The group will gather monthly to build community and create new friendships.  The men will also learn about domestic abuse and how men and boys can help make changes in our own community.  Esperanza’s 100 Men will become an important part of the struggle to end domestic abuse.

The 100 Men Campaign is doing a “soft launch” this summer.  We’re just getting started-spreading the word, giving guys the time to sign up.  We ask for a $100 donation of each man or boy (if $100 is too much—just give what you can) to join the campaign.

In October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we’ll ask our 100 men to join us at a Candlelight Vigil to both remember those who have suffered from domestic abuse and to celebrate the survivors.  We’ll pledge our support of the work done at Esperanza Shelter and promise to make positive changes in our community.

Sign up today for The 100 Men Campaign!  Check back here for an event schedule—and we’ll be in touch about our next meeting.