Did you know that in homes experiencing domestic violence, children are 15% more likely to be abused or neglected? Obvious signs of child abuse include physical signs of violence such as bruises, cuts and bite marks. Other signs of abuse or neglect include sudden or unexpected withdrawal from friends or normal activities; lack of self-esteem; poor hygiene, malnutrition, missing many days of school and angry or aggressive outbursts.

If you witness or suspect a child is being abused, immediately call the Children, Youth, Families Division (CYFD) of New Mexico. The Child Abuse Hotline number is 1-855-333-SAFE OR #SAFE from a cell phone. You may choose to remain anonymous when you call.

If you believe a child is in immediate danger or has been physically harmed and needs medical attention,

CALL 911!

If you would like to learn more about child abuse, please check out the CYFD website: